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Woot Shirts January 14, 2010

Posted by huymix in Fashion.
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Woot! is a website that has a small-ish but rapidly growing community. One of the main features to the site is related to the t-shirts that they sell. Everyday you have browse a new t-shirt design.  I actually prefer going through them than shopping in a mall for the following reasons:

  • In Toronto, these shirts are more unique than even Threadless shirts (which play largely in the same consumer group). You can tell because they actually show y0u how many shirts were sold in different parts of the world. A lot of it is Seattle to San Francisco area and very little is bought in the East much less Canada. A cool t-shirt from Woot! is more likely to stand out because of its relative obscurity.
  • Shirts are entirely designed by the community (as far as I can tell). Especially for Friday, Saturday and Sunday the site runs a weekly derby. A theme is chosen and the T-shirts voted first, second and third go on sale on Friday to Sunday respectively. The community part is cool just because you really can see the spectrum of designs submitted.
  • Reckoning. A lot of the time a t-shirt will go on sale on say Threadless and will sell out for your size. Despite being a popular shirt, it might not be available for a while (if ever). The Woot! Reckoning system puts t-shirts up that have had their time as the daily shirt and keeps them available for sale until they stop selling. While it’s at a $5 premium over the original price at least its available and even then the total price for a shirt would only be $15.

I find the quality to be better than what a $10 price would suggest and have bought a couple of shirts from Woot! already. Have a browse, it’ll be quick and you might find something cool or fun that you like.


Leggings (Women) May 26, 2009

Posted by huymix in Fashion.
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LeggingsfminusAmerican Apparel LogoI have to clarify this post to refer specifically to when leggings are worn as a replacement for some other pants or jeans or skirt. Here’s why:

  • Most people who wear leggings as pants are not and never will be ballet dancers. If you’re wearing leggings you are only dressing like a ballet dancer, except in reality looking much sillier.
  • Legging on their own are not flattering to those without the most sculpted legs. Most people aren’t exactly gonna like every bulge legging reveals.
  • It’s a half a step closer to the vision of the future 1 piece unitard. Nobody wants that shit, ditch the leggings so we can avoid that horrible, inevitable future.

Despite my last point being fairly silly, I still think the first 2 reasons are more than enough to take a pass on wearing leggings as a replacement for pants. Like I said, leggings are fine under a skirt just not alone. Just think of how silly you think people in the 80’s looked. That’s what people in the 2030’s will say about you if you wear leggings and they will be absolutely right.

Note: I put the American Apparel logo up for this post only because I strongly associate legging with that company. H&M also have a bunch of varieties available but for some reason American Apparel seems more appropriate.

Single shoulder women’s top April 17, 2009

Posted by crarence in Fashion, Random.
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This is something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while now.

I really hate the single shoulder women’s top. I have no clue if that’s even what that style of sleeveless shirt is called, but I think it looks really ugly. Primarily, I suppose it’s the asymmetry that bothers me the most. To me, it is simply visually distracting to have the one strap going over one shoulder. I imagine some guys like it due to the greater exposed skin, but it’s a definite turn off for me. It also conjures up images of Andre the Giant and ugly cave men, which is never a good association for a woman.



Urban Outfitters April 2, 2009

Posted by huymix in Fashion.
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Urban Outfitters ClothesfminusUrban Outfitters Logo

Maybe I’m not fashionable enough, but something about the style of Urban Outfitters I just cannot accept as clothing regular people would wear. Not everything is F- but enough of their stuff is F minus-able to condemn the entire store. I present:

Besides having some outlandishly ugly clothing, the naming convention at Urban Outfitters strikes me as pretty bizarre. It’s almost weird for weirdness sake. I guess I can get behind that but I have the feeling that it’s weirdness for trying-to-be-cool’s sake. That is an idea I would definitely reject. All in all, Urban Outfitters = F-. Prove me wrong Urban Outfitters, prove me wrong.

Rain Boots (Women’s) March 27, 2009

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Women's rain bootfminusWomen's Rain Boot

This trend has been around fairly recently, maybe the last year to year and a half. Unfortunately, there isn’t 1 company or style that would fully encapsulate the rain boot trend. What I have above in the post is actually a fairly conservative version of women’s rainboot. Anyways, even though they may be nice and waterproof and comfy, avoid buying these things because:

  • It’s still a rubber boot, so when it flexes, from a step, it produces a pretty huge kink.
  • If I just showed you one of these and compared it to a little girl’s boot, I bet it’d be hard to tell which is which. Not exactly age appropriate people!
  • It’s just silly looking. Sorry, I can’t articulate it any better than that.

Please, please, please don’t buy a pair of these rain boots. For goodness sake, I see women wearing them even when there’s no rain! Barely functional + silly = F-.

UGG Boots March 11, 2009

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UGG Bootsfminus

UGG Logo

A lot of women wear these boots, especially during the winter, for obvious reasons. But there are plenty of more obvious reasons to not wear these boots. No matter the colour and despite the comfort, here is why these boots should not be worn:

  • Does nothing to help the shape of your look. It kinda makes it look like you have gigantic feet, almost clownish.
  • Exterior fabric makes the boot look more like a big pair of bunny slippers. The male analogue to this would be slippers that looked like dinosaur feet or Big Foot.
  • Give it 2 years, and these boots will look just as silly as Crocs or long-haired boots that were popular in the 80’s and you would have paid a hefty premium for a flash of trendiness.

My advice, stick to classic looks (that have a modern tone) and try to not chase trends too much. Also, you can get boots that are very fashionable but are still comfortable, you just gotta look.

Skinny Jeans (Mens) February 13, 2009

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skinny jeansfminusSkinny Jeans (Men)

Even if you are a slim man, you should not wear these trendy jeans ever. My reasons are:

  • If you’re not a stick, you’ll look like a ice cream cone.
  • They are like tube tops but jeans, wrapping tightly making you looking like you will explode.
  • 5 years from now, you’ll look back and say ugh, so dumb.

Bottom line, skinny jeans don’t look good on guys. Do not waste your money.