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Kia Forte Commercials July 22, 2009

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Kia Fortefminuskia logo

I’ll admit it, I have a heavy anti-Kia and anti-Hyundai bias. Pretty much, if a car came from Korea I’m definitely highly skeptical of either its performance, quality and/or durability. Having said that, I have very little information to properly assign a score to Kia’s actual products. It might have something to do with the fact I won’t voluntarily drive a Kia, but those horrible Kia Forte commercials doesn’t help because:

  • The 2 guys (Kung-fu-guy and guy-who-doesn’t-mind-his-business) seem like weiners. Now I’m not saying I want either a) supermodels or b) macho men in these commercials but to me its like having Steve Urkel try to sell you a car.
  • A personal gripe I have is the pronunciation of Forte. In the commercial, the guy says it like “For-tay”. It’s an unfortunate relic of the 90’s that Kia resurrected. If you are gonna give your car a French name, at least pronounce the name of it correctly. It’s “Fort” not “For-tay”.
  • The whole concept of the commercials is centred around a particularly obvious and lame joke. I’m not sure what reaction the advertising people at Kia were imagining am I supposed to have, “it’s not his forte, but he has a Forte! Brilliant! I’ll take 10”. I’m sorry but the theme of these commercials is lazy and stupid.

Unfortunately, the world is full of these type of commercials. You know what commercials are good? iPhone/iPod Touch commercials are pretty good. A simple focus on the product, what makes it unique and why you should be interested. Apple doesn’t try to be cute with the language. Kia marketers get your shit together or you’ll never be taken as serious competition.


Ford Flex March 18, 2009

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fminusFord Flex

Ford Logo

Ford calls this vehicle a sports utility vehicle. While the criteria for a SUV are technically met, if you’re looking for an SUV I’d probably pass on this as an option. My reasons are probably not the conventional reasons for passing on this SUV. Anyways, this SUV gets an F- because:

  • Body shaping is ugly. I know SUVs should be a certain size and the Flex is definitely big enough, but did it have to be a Honda Element-esque box?
  • Too short for an SUV. I don’t think I could fit a bike standing up in this thing and to me an SUV should be able to carry the kitchen sink. The Flex’s squat-ness brings it closer to a Pacifica cross-over type.
  • It has a shiny metal ass. And if the Flex were Bender from Futurama, it would say bite my shiny metal ass.

I actually didn’t know about this SUV until I saw it in the parking lot at Yorkdale a few days ago. The pic at the top of the post was my picture. I took it knowing instantly that for me it’s an F-. If the pictures don’t do it for you, seeing it in person should convince you to stay away.