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Korean BBQ September 10, 2009

Posted by crarence in Food.
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Like most people, I enjoy going out to eat once in a while. Korean BBQ is one of the last places I’d like to go when I’m hungry.

  • If I’m hungry, I want to eat. I don’t want to fight other people for a space to cook on the tiny grill, wait  as  my sad little piece of meat cooks, eat a mouthful, risne and repeat. I want to EAT, dammnit!
  • The food isn’t particularly tasty – if I’m paying $15-$20 for a meal, it should be yummy. Mildly seasoned meat, rice, and pickled veggies for appetizers doesn’t cut it.
  • I am not a fan of Korean spices/appetizers. My sister came back from Korea and we’ve eaten at a couple of Korean restaurants – I’ve decided Korean flavors are not for me.

To be fair, most of the above applies to hot pot as well. I don’t find cooking as a group particularly fun – going out to eat should be about EATING and not about WORKING. Give me a steak and mash any day.