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Kia Forte Commercials July 22, 2009

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Kia Fortefminuskia logo

I’ll admit it, I have a heavy anti-Kia and anti-Hyundai bias. Pretty much, if a car came from Korea I’m definitely highly skeptical of either its performance, quality and/or durability. Having said that, I have very little information to properly assign a score to Kia’s actual products. It might have something to do with the fact I won’t voluntarily drive a Kia, but those horrible Kia Forte commercials doesn’t help because:

  • The 2 guys (Kung-fu-guy and guy-who-doesn’t-mind-his-business) seem like weiners. Now I’m not saying I want either a) supermodels or b) macho men in these commercials but to me its like having Steve Urkel try to sell you a car.
  • A personal gripe I have is the pronunciation of Forte. In the commercial, the guy says it like “For-tay”. It’s an unfortunate relic of the 90’s that Kia resurrected. If you are gonna give your car a French name, at least pronounce the name of it correctly. It’s “Fort” not “For-tay”.
  • The whole concept of the commercials is centred around a particularly obvious and lame joke. I’m not sure what reaction the advertising people at Kia were imagining am I supposed to have, “it’s not his forte, but he has a Forte! Brilliant! I’ll take 10”. I’m sorry but the theme of these commercials is lazy and stupid.

Unfortunately, the world is full of these type of commercials. You know what commercials are good? iPhone/iPod Touch commercials are pretty good. A simple focus on the product, what makes it unique and why you should be interested. Apple doesn’t try to be cute with the language. Kia marketers get your shit together or you’ll never be taken as serious competition.


McDonald’s Advertising Campaign April 30, 2009

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McDonald's coffee commercialfplusMcDonald's LogoI don’t what it is, but McDonald’s recent advertising seems to be working on me. I’m not really eating there any more than normal, but I certainly have soften my position on them. I think it has to be the advertising because the food certainly hasn’t gotten any better (or substantively changed) and my reasons the advertising gets an F+ is because:

  • The commercial with the little girl and her dad kills me. I know it’s cheesy and borders on the very stupid…but I still like it. It’s been able to dig under my rusted over protective shell and cut into my care-center.
  • Free coffee for 2 weeks? I don’t really know when the last time that was ever offered on such a large scale. Sometimes you get a 1-day promotion or maybe a week, but not 2. Free stuff = good graces.
  • Mac Snack Wrap. I wouldn’t eat the thing (I’d rather just have the Big Mac thank you very much) but it takes some different thinking to think that stuff up.

I guess the ultimate thing for McDonald’s is increased traffic or something. I can’t say the advertising has accomplished the goal of increasing my traffic, but I can probably say it’s prevented me from maybe moving over to Wendy’s or Taco Bell or some other junk food. Btw, I do like junk food so I’d only really be moving from one junk food vendor to another.

Fujitsu Flepia E-Book Reader Advertisement March 19, 2009

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Fujitsu Flepia E-BookfminusFujitsu Logo

This is not a review of the actual Fujitsu Flepia E-Book Reader product but rather this “amazing” advertisement when they unveiled it to the the world. Here’s a link of the advertisement so you can see it nice and close. The link is an article on the product but the advertisement is nice and big on the page. It’s an F- because:

  • It looks like they have a pair of generic hands for all products they introduce and photoshop them in “holding” the new product. Notice how the hands are see through? Classy.
  • If you read the link, this product is gonna be $1000! You’d think something that high end would have some budget for a hand model or proper editors or something. Fujitsu I know a few people who could do a much better job. Call me.
  • In the same article, they have another advertisement that is much better, if not a bit boring. At least it’s not silly.

Anyways, plenty of companies use photoshop in advertisements. I’m not saying it’s wrong to use it, but some definitely get it more wrong than right (Shame on you Sony). Fujitsu just got this one very wrong.

TTC Elevator Guide: Move With the Grooves February 28, 2009

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fminusTTC Logo

This is an actual pamphlet the TTC produces and distributes. This pamphlet, like many other non-transit related efforts sucks (TTC store in Union station I’m looking at you), here’s why:

  • The advice is pretty stupid.
  • Whatever it cost to come up with this campaign, it was too much.
  • Why is the escalator the focus for safety? What about getting shot on the platform or pushed on the stairs? Ugh, how do they even prioritize the escaltor above other more important safety considerations?

Ultimately, I still use the TTC everyday. But I’m not a fan. Just for spite, I’m gonna have to start not following this pamphlet. And where the heck is my Mallrats reference? Talk about pure failure.

Flickr pics of TTC pamphlet