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Facebook Scrabble March 31, 2009

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Scrabble PicfminusScrabble Logo

Before Facebook Scrabble, there was Scrabulous and it worked very well and all was good. And then Hasbro got a hissy fit with their whole intellectual property blah blah blah and partnered up with EA to bring Facebook users the “real” Scrabble experience. What did we all get? a solid F- product that’s what.

  • The damn thing is always down. I don’t think I have any other app (admittedly I have only a few apps) that goes down so frequently.
  • It’s slow as heck, very slow to load and slow to figure out whether something is or is not a word.
  • It has the 2-word dictionary…to include a mechanism to subvert the rules of Scrabble is not cool.

I know some of you might say tile-mashing is another problem. But really that’ll happen in any electronic version of Scrabble. It’s called a dictionary, people can look it up just as fast as tile-mashing. In the end, I still use it, but I’d rather have Scrabulous back anyday.


We Will Rock You Musical Soundtrack March 30, 2009

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We Will Rock You Cast

fminusWe Will Rock You Logo

I’ve actually seen the Toronto-based production of this show twice and had an awesome time. Really, it’s a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed my time. Despite my overall satisfaction, I have to say the soundtrack is more than a sticking point for me. Mostly because:

  • It’s not the same without Freddie Mercury. Impossible to duplicate, Freddie Mercury is too high of a standard to try and mimic. Never karaoke him, NEVER.
  • No Bicycle. Well, they do tease it, but then they don’t actually sing it! Bah!
  • Bohemian Rhapsody was a fakeout. People had actually left before hearing it, and that is kinda bull. I know it’s their fault but they should know people will do that. Not a fan, I would have been disappointed if I missed out on Bohemian Rhapsody.

Really, the first point is all you need to know. I had a ball at the show and would recommend it to almost anyone, but I would run fast to the Queen Greatest Hits and Queen Classic CDs when presented with the We Will Rock You Soundtrack. Just watch the show.

Rain Boots (Women’s) March 27, 2009

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Women's rain bootfminusWomen's Rain Boot

This trend has been around fairly recently, maybe the last year to year and a half. Unfortunately, there isn’t 1 company or style that would fully encapsulate the rain boot trend. What I have above in the post is actually a fairly conservative version of women’s rainboot. Anyways, even though they may be nice and waterproof and comfy, avoid buying these things because:

  • It’s still a rubber boot, so when it flexes, from a step, it produces a pretty huge kink.
  • If I just showed you one of these and compared it to a little girl’s boot, I bet it’d be hard to tell which is which. Not exactly age appropriate people!
  • It’s just silly looking. Sorry, I can’t articulate it any better than that.

Please, please, please don’t buy a pair of these rain boots. For goodness sake, I see women wearing them even when there’s no rain! Barely functional + silly = F-.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix March 25, 2009

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Super Puzzle Fighter 2fplusSuper Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Logo

This game is available online, I have it for my PS3 since I don’t own a X-Box 360 but I’m sure it’s as fun on an X-Box 360 as it is on a Playstation Network (PSN).  If you can you should check this game out because:

Anyways, one of the main reasons I would say, if you have the choice, to get it on PS3 is the ability to game share. So, I can buy it, and I can share that game (legally!) w/ 5 other PS3 owners. The game can get into some pretty crazy see-saw battles especially when people are very good. My recommendation is to get it if you can or just come over to my place and we can play a few rounds.

Jon Stewart March 24, 2009

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Jon Stewart picfplusThe Daily Show Logo

Jon Stewart is the reason The Daily Show is as relevant as it is now. When it was hosted by Craig Kilborn the show had a significantly smaller audience. Without Stewart’s direction The Daily Show would have been put in the Comedy Network dustbin next to Open Mike with Mike Bullard (eww). His latest public battle with Jim Cramer which culminated with an entire episode-long interview on The Daily Show called Brawl Street: Buy Low and Sell Die only solidified his position as an overwhelming F+. You should watch him because:

  • He’s transparent. He doesn’t pretend to know it all, and when he does, it’s very obvious he’s just kidding. Transparency leads to credibility.
  • He’s funny. He’ll frequently call out his Jewiness (I think he’s referred to it as such), age, and his love for New Jersey and the Mets many times in a self-deprecating but very funny way.
  • He stands up for himself. When asked to “just be funny” by Tucker Carlson he replied “no, I’m not your monkey”. That’s something most people would not say on CNN.

Old books used the jester not only as an entertainer within the story but as a source of wisdom. They had the freedom to speak honestly and frankly to both important people and to a large audience. Jon Stewart has filled that role for the modern world of discourse and is as fearless with his opinion as anyone. All I know is whenever he’s done with The Daily Show and Hollywood in general, he will leave significant shoes to fill.

The Warriors March 23, 2009

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The Warriors Moviefplus

The Warriors Logo

This movie is not well known to the public at large. That’s a shame because it’s really quite good. I learned about this movie only because I played the videogame by Rockstar a year ago and I’m glad I checked the movie out. Even if you don’t like gang movies or action movies, The Warriors is a movie you should watch because:

  • A ton of creative and fun gangs. Especially, The Baseball furies, Lizzies, Rogues and Riffs.
  • The violence is pretty stylized and is more fantastical. So while there’s violence, it’s not too realistic.
  • Features some of the most iconic visuals/quotes of the time. The lips of the radio DJ, “Can You Dig It Sucka!”, and “I’ll shove that baseball bat up your ass and make you a popsicle”. In context of the movie these quotes are great.

This is a fun movie as it never drags on and on (ahem Australia!) and has a dynamic pace. Once you see this movie, you will remember: “Warriorssssssss, come out and plaaaayyy-ayyy” and you’ll understand why that quote is awesome. This movie is an American classic and you won’t regret your journey with The Warriors.

Kala – M.I.A. March 20, 2009

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MIAfplusKala Album Cover

This is the first music album that I’m reviewing and it’s a good one. By that I mean this review is F+ good. Also, I did buy the physical cd, yes I am one of “those” people. If you’re not one of “those” people, I can at least recommend that you listen to this album. This album is more than just “Paper Planes” (radio edited without the gun shots to boot) and is an F+ because it’s distinctive:

  • Look at that cover art! Nothing worse than some generic dudes looking at different directions on a beach cover art (South Park reference).
  • Each song is very different from each other. So much so that I can tell which song is gonna play just from the first few seconds. I guess I can do this with a lot of music in general but with this album the distinction is a lot clearer.
  • Paper Planes with full out gunshots! Screw the radio-edits, Slumdog Millionaire had it right. This track is awesome.

This album does what most albums do not. It stands out. It’s loud and bold and will never be played on CHUM FM without significant editing. Good for M.I.A., and good for all of us.

Also, the fighting in Sri Lanka needs to stop.

Fujitsu Flepia E-Book Reader Advertisement March 19, 2009

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Fujitsu Flepia E-BookfminusFujitsu Logo

This is not a review of the actual Fujitsu Flepia E-Book Reader product but rather this “amazing” advertisement when they unveiled it to the the world. Here’s a link of the advertisement so you can see it nice and close. The link is an article on the product but the advertisement is nice and big on the page. It’s an F- because:

  • It looks like they have a pair of generic hands for all products they introduce and photoshop them in “holding” the new product. Notice how the hands are see through? Classy.
  • If you read the link, this product is gonna be $1000! You’d think something that high end would have some budget for a hand model or proper editors or something. Fujitsu I know a few people who could do a much better job. Call me.
  • In the same article, they have another advertisement that is much better, if not a bit boring. At least it’s not silly.

Anyways, plenty of companies use photoshop in advertisements. I’m not saying it’s wrong to use it, but some definitely get it more wrong than right (Shame on you Sony). Fujitsu just got this one very wrong.

Ford Flex March 18, 2009

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fminusFord Flex

Ford Logo

Ford calls this vehicle a sports utility vehicle. While the criteria for a SUV are technically met, if you’re looking for an SUV I’d probably pass on this as an option. My reasons are probably not the conventional reasons for passing on this SUV. Anyways, this SUV gets an F- because:

  • Body shaping is ugly. I know SUVs should be a certain size and the Flex is definitely big enough, but did it have to be a Honda Element-esque box?
  • Too short for an SUV. I don’t think I could fit a bike standing up in this thing and to me an SUV should be able to carry the kitchen sink. The Flex’s squat-ness brings it closer to a Pacifica cross-over type.
  • It has a shiny metal ass. And if the Flex were Bender from Futurama, it would say bite my shiny metal ass.

I actually didn’t know about this SUV until I saw it in the parking lot at Yorkdale a few days ago. The pic at the top of the post was my picture. I took it knowing instantly that for me it’s an F-. If the pictures don’t do it for you, seeing it in person should convince you to stay away.