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Punch Out!! (Wii) May 28, 2009

Posted by huymix in Games.
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This review will seem very confusing. I got a chance to play the new Punch-Out!! this past weekend at a friend’s place and it was awesome. Incredibly fun, vivid, and was overall a great experience. Punch-Out!! is an F- because:

  • It’s a terrible value. This is perhaps the single greatest determinant of the review. I’m sorry but for $60 and only 13 fighters + 1 secret fighter is really too much for me. I’ve always said that I only have a Plus/Minus system because the choice to do or buy something is really binary anyways. I can’t recommend paying retail.
  • Nintendo games tend to not go on sale ever. It’s very unlikely it will drop in price to a more reasonable level. Excite Truck seemed to keep it’s full price for years after its release! Freaking Excite Truck (even on E-bay it’s still like $40).
  • If you want Punch-Out on Wii, I recommend the Virtual Console downloads of both the original and Super Punch-Out. It’s a much cheaper option and offers a much greater variety of fighters.

I really had an awesome time playing Punch-Out!! I can’t say enough great things about it.¬† All I can really say is that if price were no issue Punch-Out!! (Wii) would be an F+ hands down.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii version) April 17, 2009

Posted by crarence in Videogames.
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Ok. Let me preface this post by saying I am one of the biggest Star Wars fanbois out there and I am a sucker for all things Star Wars. When I saw the work in progress shots of The Force Unleashed on youtube I was stoked. The concept of the game looked cool (you get to be Darth Vader’s apprentice/assassin,) the graphics looked sharp, and the highly interactive environment looked entertaining…how could this game go wrong?

The game starts off fun enough…but

– It is waaaaaay too easy. Maybe I’m just too old school (a lot of my spare time growing up was spent grinding away on games on the original NES) but I don’t think I should be able to breeze through the entire game using only a handful of lives.

-Force lightning > other force powers. Let’s be honest, if you’re playing a Star Wars game you want to be bad-ass with a lightsaber. The Force Unleashed lets you learn and upgrade cool lightsaber skills but they all pale in comparison in terms of effectiveness¬† to Force Lightning. It’s a one-button ranged attack that hits, damages, and freezes multiple opponents. Really, a no-brainer skill to learn and pump in all your skill points to breeze through the game with.

-The game is too short. I played for about 1 hour a night for a week. It took me maybe 8 hours to play, tops. Again, maybe I’m just old school but that seemed too brief. I didn’t unearth every little Jedi Holocron and max out all my force skills, but as stated, once Force Lightning/Force Storm got maxed out, what’s the point?

The game has some redeeming points. As a fan of the Star Wars history it was cool to get some back story on the origin of the Rebel Alliance (looks like it became canon too!) At first, the variety of Force powers really was cool and fun to play around with. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough to make up for the lack in challenge and the lack of incentive to use all the Force options available.