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Sinfest January 21, 2010

Posted by huymix in Comedy.
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Keeping with the webcomic theme of the week, I present Sinfest! Part of my daily surfing habits has been to check Sinfest because:

  • I’ve grown attached to each of the characters over time. Some of the characters have really changed (especially Monique) and it’s nice to see the character evolution.
  • The characters can be anyone (God, Jesus, the Devil, some unknown Buddhist thingy, Devil boy, pig etc, etc.) and they are consistent with what you think they might do yet act with more character (if that makes any sense). Maybe an example helps, check the pig character out.
  • I just find the strips funny. Funny enough to warrant checking in on them daily for a minute. Seriously, it’s very light-hearted stuff that makes a crummy morning a bit less crummy.

I actually enjoy the fact that the strip is called SinFest when if you think about what actually goes on in the strip, it’s pretty tame. Perhaps it’s irony, or it’s at least the Alanis version of irony. Either way, I say bookmark the site and give it a twirl.