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Jerry Seinfeld live at Massey Hall April 18, 2009

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Today I had the chance to see iconic comedian Jerry Seinfeld perform live at Massey Hall. I didn’t follow a lot of TV series back in the day but I was an avid fan of Seinfeld. I was curious to see that kind of material he would perform – would it be more observational humour, or a totally new side of Seinfeld I had never seen. I had heard that he does an exceptional amount of swearing during his routine, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

First, I want to quickly praise Tom Papa for his opening act. As opening acts go, he did his job flawlessly – he got us laughing and in the mood in about 30 seconds flat. I had never really heard about him before but I am curious to see what he does in the future.

Comparatively, Jerry got the ball rolling a little more slowly. Unsurprisingly, all his jokes were based on everyday observations. However, all his jokes were fresh and new, so the entire audience was rapt with attention. A few of the topics that he covered was doing things to seem like you have a life, the haughtiness of big name coffee drinkers, the impersonal nature of e-mail, relationships, parenting, and the mad obsession with the i-phone/blackberry.

I’ve seen Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle,¬† and Russell Peters live, and I probably laughed out loud¬† the least during Seinfeld’s performance. That isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy his jokes – there were many times I found myself smiling and nodding along, muttering “that’s soooo true.” However, Jerry takes way less risks then the above comedians, which tends to give his performance a more PG family-friendly feel. At the end, for his “encore,” he actually had a small Q&A with the audience. Naturally, someone asked him about Michael Richards, and Jerry cooly gave some non-committal answers. Overall, the show was very entertaining, and it was good to see Jerry work his skills and charm live in person.

P.S: I will share my favorite joke of the night. What is with the doors in the public bathroom? They are the cheapest, crappiest doors out there, and yet they still can’t put the effort in lowering it by a foot to hit the ground. It is the most embarrassing thing when you walk by and see the shoes and the puddled pants sitting on the floor – the worst is when it’s at the office and you recognize whose shoes’ it is. And why can’t the doors close snugly against the wall? Why is there always a crack? Sometimes if you’re unlucky you catch a glimpse in the crack and see the terrified person sitting miserably on the toilet.

This was one of the few moments that I was actually laugh out loud during his act. This is also why I avoid using public bathroom stalls like the black plague.