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Personal Trainer – Cooking March 30, 2010

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I actually have the Personal Trainer: Cooking package that is in this post (including the “stylish” pouch). I can recommend that you get Personal Trainer: Cooking (if not the whole package) because:

  • The recipes are actually pretty good. I’ve made brownies, apple crumble and sticky toffee pudding based on the recipe in Personal Trainer: Cooking and they all turned out pretty good.
  • It has recipes, step-by-step instructions, videos, shopping lists and calculator all in one. Anything you would need to know about a particular recipe is contained in the software.
  • It’s funny to reference the recipe to a game. So I’ve given out tons of food based on the software and it’s always fun to say I got the recipe from my DS.

I used Personal Trainer: Cooking to help get me more comfortable in the kitchen and it has really helped out. Normally, recipes do not go into such detail so it’s nice for a novice like me.


Civilization Revolution June 4, 2009

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Civilization Revolution ScreenfplusCiv Rev Logo

I initially bought the PS3 version of Civilization Revolution last summer. I played this game all the damn time when I got it. Fall came and I got buried under a bunch of awesome games (Fallout 3 in particular). Instead of playing my still unfinished Metal Gear Solid 4, I’ve been playing Civilization Revolution on the PS3 again. Even worse, I bought the DS version as well so I can play on the train. It’s the same damn game…yet I can’t get enough. Here’s why:

  • The pace is exactly my speed. I do like RTS games, but there is something to be said for doing something putting the controller down and checking TSN.ca and picking the controller back up to play without pausing. I get to play at the pace I want to play, if I want fast the game will be quick, if I want to go slow that’s fine too.
  • It’s complex just enough. So I hear the criticism “Civ Rev is for babies, and Civ 4 is so much better, yada yada yada”. Thing is, if this game were a touch more complicated, I would be much more put off by it. That’s probably why I’m intimidated by Civ 4 (even though I’m sure it’s excellent).
  • The fight animations reminds me of old school Battle Chess!! But with a much more random element. I love Battle Chess, anything to do with BattleChess gets a bonus from me.

Ultimately, I enjoy Civ Rev so much that even after a year of playing the PS3 version of the game, I still play it now (a lot) and just bought the DS version of it to keep playing. Sid Meier, you have created a monster…