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Roger Ebert April 8, 2010

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Whenever I read movie reviews, I make sure to check out what Roger Ebert has written. While I would say I do not always share his viewpoint on any particular movie I can say that I feel comfortable with his reviews because:

  • He takes the movie for what it is. So, if it’s a silly action summer blockbuster or if it’s high-minded or if it’s a kid’s movie he treats the audience differently. By differently, he is more forgiving of story problems in a summer blockbuster and kid’s movies than in an Oscar nominee.
  • The tone of his writing is written such that I feel it is very much his personal perspective.
  • He is at a point in his life where his opinion is pretty well his own and I don’t feel like he get’s affected by hype. Maybe I’m wrong but at least I can’t tell whether he’s affected by hype.

Roger Ebert has gotten to a point in his career that any professional (or unprofessional SnuhZone blogger) reviewer would love to have. He’s done it largely due to building a long-standing trust with his audience and, in my opinion, continues to have his audience for the above reasons.


Metacritic.com May 20, 2009

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Metacritic screenshot


I know that The Snuh Zone is the place on the interwebs for reviews but one of the more popular sites for reviews actually does not review anything. If you don’t know, Metacritic pretty much aggregates reviews and links, where possible, to the actual written review. Although I particularly care about the score that is aggregated at Metacritic, I’d say to check it out because:

  • It makes a variety of reviews easily accessible. So if I want a variety of opinions on say a movie, after The Snuh Zone review, I can go to Metacritic to find as many other reviews as I could possibly want.
  • Metacritic does not just cover movies. It does a pretty good job of covering a broad range of media. The glaring missing piece is really product review (devices) other than that I can generally find the review I want from Metacritic.
  • The last thing I like about Metacritic has less to do with the site than what happens as a result of Metacritic. 2 words: Flame Wars. I actually think it’s pretty hilarious when Fanboy X says “Uh haha, look at Y’s score all fans of Y r gayz” of course followed up by more hilarious back and forth. As a bystander, it’s like watching a really dumb tennis match where both sides lose.

The site is really just an organizing portal for information. Next time you’re debating if you should see this movie or buy that game, give Metacritic.com a quick post-Snuh Zone browse and see what the reviews have been saying. At the very worst, you’ll just disagree with some Internet nobodies and you’ll have spent all of 5 minutes figuring that out.