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Arena Montreal May 7, 2009

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I attended Arena Montreal last month, which is a Warhammer/Warhammer 40k tournament. For the uninitiated, Warhammer/Warhammer 40k is a table top war game that combines elements of Risk and Chess. Essentially, players build, paint, and play with model soldiers in a strategy game. This year, Arena was a doubles tournament, meaning players went in teams of two. This is an interesting format as it allows for neat combinations you don’t normally encounter. I had a great time this year because:

  • It’s really clear that the organizers really care about the quality of the event based on the work and effort that goes into the tournament. This is especially evident in the tables they custom built. Each fantastic table is is made from scratch and themed around one of the major armies in the game.
  • My partner had some bad experiences versus french opponents in the past but this year all three french teams we played were top notch. That is, they were courteous, easy going, and very sportsman-like.
  • I felt the organizers made various improvement over last year. For example,¬† they dropped the annoying special table-specific rules from last year. They also made the tournament more interesting by banning¬† special characters. Many special characters are a little un-balanced and make for boring matches as many players take them.

Right now the Warhammer tournament scene in Canada is a little shaky so I hope the Arena organizers are able to continue running their event bi-annually. They have one planned tentatively for this August, and I would definitely be there had it not been a bad time for my long time teammate. Nevertheless, I would highly encourage any other Warhammer enthusiast to attend.


2008-2009 Montreal Canadiens April 24, 2009

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Montreal CanadiensfminusMontreal Canadiens LogoIt’s been 100 years for the Montreal Canadiens. One of the most successful teams in all pro-sports. An amazing list of incredible hockey players. An amazing legacy. In their 100th season, what do produce? A big ol’ F- of a team. The non-Habs fan in me is happy they suck, but I’d much rather have my team put them down because its no fun watching a team implode. The 2008-09 version of the Canadiens deserved to impode because:

  • Guy Carbonneau was a wimp. I’m sorry but the coach does matter quite a bit. When the coach and the star players aren’t on speaking terms that’s gonna screw up the team chemistry for sure. Tone from the top matters, A LOT.
  • The fans are even worse than Leaf fans. What I mean is they are even more fickle, extreme and chant soccer chants. I love the passion, but the stupidity that accompanies the passion is sometimes too much.
  • Over relied on a very young goaltender (Carey Price). Goaltenders generally take a while to really develop. Very very few are elite level at Price’s age and he was overused this season.

I’m not a Habs fan in general. Most of the time they aren’t a team I care about one way or another. Even as a casual observer of the Canadiens, I could smell the stench of failure. Getting swept in the first round of the playoffs is a better send off for this disaster of a team. One thing to keep in mind, there are 11 unrestricted free agents on the team, so hopefully they can remake this team so it contains less suck. The ball is in your court Mr. Gainey, don’t screw it up.