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Finch and Weston May 29, 2009

Posted by huymix in Random.
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Emery C.I.fminusWeston and Finch Map

I used to live in the Finch-Weston area for about 10 years, but really I’ve been connected to the area for much longer than 10 years. Since I’ve finished high school, I have had very little reason to come back to the neighbourhood. If you ever think about visiting this part of Toronto, unless you’re there for a specific family thing or something, I’d recommend you spend your time elsewhere because:

  • If you need a bus, it’s possibly one of the worst lines in the TTC. From this area, there are 2 ways to get to and from Finch and Weston. On Finch, that bus will take you pretty far to the Yonge line, most of the time you don’t need to go all the way to the Yonge line. The Weston option is no better because a) there are sometimes over an hour wait for a bus b) it takes the least direct route possible to get to Wilson Station. If you gotta go, try to drive or get a lift.
  • I think in Canada we’re pretty safe. However, Finch and Weston is not very far from the infamous Jane and Finch area. Now Jane and Finch’s reputation as being dangerous is a bit overblown but not unfounded. Finch and Weston doesn’t have the name baggage, but is close enough to have the same problems. I’m not gonna wear a bullet proof vest, but I’m also not going to carry credit cards or a lot of cash on me if I visit.
  • It’s a boring neighbourhood. There used to be a mall which is now this horrible blighted lot. If you’re not visiting someone there is really nothing in this area for you.

Finch and Weston is a combination of suburban boredom and inner city danger, insofar as the City of Toronto can really be considered dangerous. I don’t totally hate the place, but given the ability to go elsewhere I’ve almost always chosen to go somewhere else. The biggest knock against Finch and Weston is that it offers no reason to go/live there so why bother yourself.