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A Life Well Wasted March 18, 2010

Posted by huymix in Internet Site, Videogames.
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A Life Well Wasted is “An Internet Radio Show About Videogames and the People Who Love Them” made by Robert Ashley (that’s what written above so really I just wasted your time and mine writing all of that). Anyways, even if you haven’t played videogames in a long while you should check out his site because:

  • The podcast. This is the main reason to visit his site. Unlike any other podcast on games, Robert’s podcast focuses on unfamiliar aspects to games and in particular the people. Oftentimes, videogame discussion can be dry as heck (perhaps explaining the popularity of the Angry Video Game Nerd and Zero Punctuation) and stories about people are much more interesting. His podcast is about the people with a videogame backdrop.
  • Posters. He has available custom posters that relate to each podcast done by Olly Moss that are unique and pretty cool. I have the “Why Game” Poster that is in this post hanging in my den.

That’s about it. Normally, I like to have 3 reasons but you don’t really need more than the podcast is excellent. So, go check it out. Dooo it.