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Michael Jackson July 16, 2009

Posted by huymix in Celebrity, Music.
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Michael JacksonfplusMichael Jackson Thriller

Make no mistake, Michael Jackson was an exceptional person. He is the most famous person in the last 30 years. In general, I prefer to not speculate on the personal lives of other people. Someone who lived such a unique professional life, probably also had a unique personal life. The smallest islands across the world know Michael Jackson and they know him, not for his personal drama, but for his music and message. Michael Jackson as an artist is an F+ because:

  • His music stood out. Nobody will confuse, Thriller, Bad, Beat It, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, etc. with another artist. I always believe that the hardest thing in music is to do something unique and stand out. Michael Jackson’s music always stood out. Forget the haters, I have and listen to “Invincible” even to this day!
  • Technology. Not that MJ ever invented any non-dance related stuff but what was awesome was how he embraced technology so willingly. Going beyond the music videos, he embraced video games way earlier than Guitar Hero or Rock Band were around (Space Channel 5). The willingness to embrace technology so readily and to use it to enhance his art only made MJ’s music/videos more unique.
  • His music strongly defined my childhood. To the point that the episode of “The Simpsons” where he was a major character is still one of my favourite Simpsons episodes (Side note: he sung a modified version of “Ben” and because of that episode, “Ben” is in my top 5 MJ songs).

In the words of Dave Chappelle, “he did Thriller, Thriller”.  If you haven’t listened to him in a while I hope you go back and give his library a listen or watch Thriller or try to Moonwalk.