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27b/6 March 16, 2010

Posted by huymix in Internet Site.
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This week on the Snuhzone, I’ll be looking at some niche websites that you should check out. Today is an Australian website (at least I think it’s Australian) called 27b/6. Here’s why you should check the link:

  • The stories in each are hilarious. I think they are hilarious if you’re less uptight. Uptight people need not apply.
  • Relatable but not really. So what I mean is that I can relate to the motivations behind each story (desire to point out the useless and mess with things in general) but the outcome and method are totally out there.
  • Variety. No two entries are similar. While you can tell they are all from the same guy, each entry is much different than the last. This variety can create some big misses and big hits.

David Thorne compiled a book called “The Internet is a Playground” which is a hardcopy of his entries. I did buy his book but gave it as a present. If you don’t end up buying any of his stuff, at least give his site a couple of clicks, it’s well worth the page views.



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